wow people are still idiots

It doesn't take faith to make you an idiot. It doesn't take faith to make you a proselytizer. I present Exhibit A:

From CNN.

Dawkins argues that there is no doubt that Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is true and, unlike some other scholars of the subject, says belief in evolution is not compatible with faith in religion. In fact, he argues, science and religion undermine each other.

"I believe a true understanding of Darwinism is deeply corrosive to religious faith," Dawkins says in his TED Talk.

There's no room for a God in the world as he sees it, and he believes atheists should be forceful in opposing religion.

Really funny, since I believe in evolution and I believe in Christ and I've never had trouble rectifying the two. I always had a solid appreciation for biology and evolution, and a soft spot for animals, too. Of course, I'm not some sort of idiot who takes the Bible as literal. Call it the writer in me - I see much more value in it as stories, because I understand the power of story. This guy would have no idea how to talk to me, though he's inadvertently lumped me in with the village idiots just because I believe there's more to the Universe than chemical reactions, because I believe in God.

Hmm. That's dangerously close the point I made in my previous post.

He's taking the easy route, fighting against the lowest common denominator of Christianity, the "intelligent design believer." (Trust me, I can't stand those folks either.) But this person does not understand true, thinking Faith, at least my corner of it. He's not even trying to understand. He dug in his heels at the opposite end of the spectrum, one of those who thinks to give even a little is to lose the war. (And to him it is war. He wants people to be FORCEFUL in opposing religion.)

He also says:

Religion teaches us to be satisfied with non-explanations, and this is viciously corrosive of science and of the life of the mind generally.

Certainly not in any church I've ever been to. Even as a child, I was encouraged to ask questions and use my brain first. Agreed, some churches teach this way. But not to THINKING people. THINKING people leave those churches and find places where questioning is encouraged. Like Evolution, Faith is not a house of cards. At my church, for instance, there's a ritual where we touch our heads, mouths, and hearts. Signaling thought, voice, and heart. You'll notice which comes first. But then, if this particular atheist were to acknowledge that, his whole argument against religion being so horrible might erode a bit. He'd rather attack hard and deep, damn the consequences. Damn the separation of people. Damn true peace between people. Doesn't matter, as long as his side wins.

Hmm. Sort of like the kind of people I railed against in my previous post.

It's too bad he's so militant because he makes some good points. I find it horrible that certain scientific discoveries are held back by the religious. I think faith has no place in government or laws. Many faithful people I know think that way too. But his valid points are lost within his insulting rhetoric and call to Crusade against religion.

Fuck, people are stupid, even the apparently smart ones.

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