Ok, so here's the deal. Ater some soul searching in the shower, I realized atheists have been the foil that's brought up a much deeper issue for me, which is EXTREMISM. It's just a thinly veiled form of prejudice, something that keeps people from finding reasonable solutions that's right for everyone.

And THAT annoys the hell out of me. Making fun of someone is EXTREMISM. Deciding that NO ONE gets the benefits of stem cell research because it doesn't fit a certain belief is EXTREMISM. Deciding to take a forceful, maybe militant stance against anyone is EXTREMISM. Blowing yourself up amid your "enemy" is EXTREMISM. And I can't stand it, no matter what it takes, in any form. The world, hell, the UNIVERSE is too big to support any measure of "one-size-fits-all" extremism.

As evolved as we are, and yes, I believe in Evolution, as a race of beings, we should know better. And that's what all these "attacks" and "wariness" is about. Extremism.

Ok. Done now. Like my kid said, "Why is everyone working this week? I supposed to be a holiday." So go play. And while you're at it, kiss someone who doesn't share your beliefs, all right? Passionately.

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