cost of being me

You might notice I'm not posting much. Dude, I am freakishly busy. I have something each night and drs appts and PT every day and company and two parties this weekend. The first conference is creeping up and somehow I went from being the slacker con attendee to doing two fairly intense panels. I know, cost of doing business. But crazy times, man. Crazy. I do so have a love-hate relationship with the start of the school year.

Anyway, not much to report except that I'm walking more normally now and even wearing higher(ish) shoes and reading a thriller everyone and their dog will want to get their hands on a year from now. Oh, and writing, writing like a little typographical fiend in my off hours. Sheesh Igot the stories churning in my brain. I have to finish this one to get to the next. Yeah.

Did anyone see True Blood last night. They said cunt. Actually, she said "stupid cunt."

There. That ought to get the crawlerbots wandering my way.

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