some nice things on the way to the beer store

Some great things happened to me on the way to the beer store.

1. A very nice comment from my #1 fangrrl.

2. Some cool books on Tarot and AWESOME handprinted cards from Wyrd! Yea!!! People are just so damn nice, and she's one of the damnedest nicest ones!

3. A kind email from a new RL friend of mine. She requested to read some of my fiction so I sent her in the right direction. She called my work, among other things, kick ass. Which was totally kick ass.

4. A solution to today's frustration over THE SILVER SCAR. The solution also plugs a major hole in the book: Why is the silver world so dangerous, besides all the man-eating sharks? I've known the hole was there, but so far the characters have just shrugged at each other and mumbled that they have a baaad feeling about that place so be careful wouldja?

5. A nomination for BBAW award for best blog name. Wow. Just wow. My blog has ranged from embarrassing to delightful to banned-at-work based on the name, so this is Sex Scenes at Starbucks getting its just due. Cuz even with all the red faces and banning, I still really like the name. It's an honor to be nominated. Whoever you are, thx. :D

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