summer blehs

A very busy week ahead. I've set myself some impressive deadlines. We'll see if I make them. It is going to be rainy outside and cooler, so that keeps me from heading out to the pool and such, though the kids are hitting that late-summer blues. We need to go to the mall and back-to-school shop. Yeah, you heard me. Aug 20 is right around the corner. Bleh.

Anyhoo, between that, and our First Page Game over at Electric Spec, I won't be stickin' my nose in here very much. Not like y'all are talking back to me anyway... Sigh.

Off to movie watch now. Kids to bed early. I need GROWN UP TIME.

Just finished OLD MAN'S WAR by Scalzi. I know. I'm behind. I liked it lots. First part boring, but it picked up well. I love me some military SF and you know what? I could give a fuck about the science.

Oh, btw, you can friend me on Facebook now. Just search my name. Shouldn't be too hard to figure it out by now.

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