fairly odd parenting

Ok I lied about not posting. I'm back from the pool and fried out, man.

I had to explain to my kids how some people lead busy lives, running all over and scheduling themselves down to the minute. I had to let them know that's not us. At first they thought other people are nuts, but I had to explain that no, I guess they're just happy that way. (Though, in all honesty, I rarely see extremely busy people who seem happy. Maybe they're happy on the inside.)

I asked them if they wanted to do stuff like lessons every day after school and day camps and stuff. They said they didn't. We try to do something each day in the summer, but I admit, we spend a lot of time just chillin. Sometimes we get bored. I'm of the opinion that kids need time to be bored. I could be wrong. I have been before. If most other people I know are any indication, I'm very wrong. Most folks I know do all sorts of things with their kids, see every movie the moment it comes out, a different lesson for each day of the week, and so on.

It was an odd conversation to have.

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