This is my 999th post on the blog. I don't have a ton to say today except that this week I'll post the 1000th (that'll be the next one for you writer types out there who have trouble with math) and there'll be a contest and balloons and cake, if we're lucky.

I rearranged my office in anticipation of some new shutters coming this month, and also because I was putting off writing. I'd written a lot on Saturday and it drained me. My word counts haven't been what they should be--something I'm going to try to rectify this week. (Today, in like 5 minutes, actually.) But the new office layout is nice, has that special Pledge smell, and my desk is radically cleaner, for the moment. Not that I don't have stacks to do--we're once again putting together another issue of Electric Spec for the end of the month. Be sure and come read. A regular around here made the final cut and there'll be an interview with Stuart, too, if I can get off my duff and write it. :)

Also my 10 year old is sick AGAIN (17 days missed this school year) and so as a special treat I'm going to watch LOTR with him. He's so excited. I am, too.

But. I. Must. Write. First.

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