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AND we climb ever closer to my 1000th post, in which I'll review THE TWELVE by Stuart Neville. It'd be tre cool if my hit counter hit a round number that day, too, but hits are sketchy things anyway.

Anyway, onto

1000th Post Small Prize Announcement.

I know you can't hear it, but my kid's down in the basement doing a drum roll.

Ok, actually he's practicing Sweet Home Alabama for his recital tomorrow.

Anyway, onto the SMALL PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT: One Lucky Winner (via a clever answer to some question I still need to think up) is going to win a full spread Tarot reading by yours truly.

Why is this a Small Prize you might ask, as opposed to a Big Prize? Well, first of all, NO you can't have my love-noted, signed ARC of THE TWELVE. That would be a Big Prize but it's mine-all-mine and I'm not sharing. And seriously, I've got nothing else to give away, like one of my own books, cuz, well, no one's actually bought one yet.

It's a Small Prize because while I think I'm a fairly intuitive reader, I'm still learning the deck and I believe experience really counts when throwing cards. BUT I thought it would be fun anyway. Also, I could do it right here on the blog, which would be fun, too. And now for a

Somewhat Related Announcement

Speaking of Tarot, I'm reinstating Twarot Tuesdays on Twitter--three card readings with 140 characters per card. So follow me on Twitter and you can get one. Also, I've got a

Completely Unrelated Announcement

I believe I've been remiss in mentioning I got my first fangirl gift in the mail this week--the film Donnie Darko from Realm. THANK YOU!! I hope to watch the film tonight and write a review at some point. She even wrote such a cute return address that I saved the envelope in my basket of saved treasures. That basket's getting pretty full. And now for my

Final Completely Unrelated Announcement

I'm sick with a fucking cold, the sort that drips down your throat and makes your stomach feel ill. It's fairly warm out today, so I'm going to go bake myself by the pool.

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