the silver scar

I'm trying to decide which novel to work on next, so I thought I'd throw up a few queries here and let you all give me advice. I have three WIPs currently, which I'll cover over the next few days. The first is called THE SILVER SCAR. It's a futuristic sci-fi set in 2065. This is a quickie query I wrote up in comments on Erica's blog.

Trinidad, motivated by the murder of his family by eco-terrorists, took up the mantle of Godsman at nine years old. Fostered by a Episcopal priest and trained by a godless soldier, he learned the brutal art of balancing faith and war. Now twenty-five, Trinidad is an accomplished soldier, revered by the church and feared by those at the head of the eco-terr movement. But the minority Christian population, living in walled parishes, are losing the battle on nearly every front, from faith to land loss. While the Christians have long held the cities and the wealth, the eco-terrs hold something more dear--the open, healthy farmlands to the east and roads to transport goods from industrial centers.

When a Wiccan priest long associated with the terrorists asks to treat with the Church, claiming they share a dangerous enemy and don’t have the resources to fight it, Trinidad suspects it's a trick designed to bring the walled city of Boulder to its knees.

Let me know what you think. Next: HINTERLAND

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