friday food for thought

The war on Gaza is keeping me up nights. I've seen too many pictures of tiny bloody faces lately. I don't pretend to understand the motivation on Israel's part beyond what they claim: that Hamas is using the territory to fire rockets into Israel. It's probably no more a lie than it is the entire truth, but negatives in life do not multiply like in math. Nothing good will come of this.

I don't pretend to have answers though. Christ says turn the other cheek, and he makes a good point. But taking the higher road only works until someone starts lobbing missiles at it.

All faiths are based in peace and love. Christ didn't patent the idea. I doubt a Higher Power created us only to kill each other, nor to pervert the Holy Land into a war zone. I'm curious about how violence perpetrates more violence. World War II wasn't that long ago. Have the Israelis forgotten so soon? Is this war truly what Mohammad would have?

Innocents are trapped in Gaza with dwindling supplies and food, little electricity, and dead telephones. If the children don't die from bombing, they'll suffer from malnutrition and lack of medical care. A scrape could blossom into a deadly infection without a antibiotics. Should they live, they'll bear the burden of this trauma for the rest of their lives. And all in the name of whatever they like to call God. Both sides should be ashamed. A dead child is a dead child under any faith.

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