what should i be?

Every now and then my neighborhood does something right, like Octoberfest.

With beer.

Good beer.

For free.

Everyone got two tickets, but the beermasters weren't picky about you (me) coming back more than twice.

So much for working out today. I'll have to work out tomorrow while the Broncs play. (Private message to Jay Cutler--if you throw any more interceptions I'm going to whip you with Champ's jock strap. Seriously, man. Show up for work Sunday, or else.)

I am now officially accepting suggestions on Halloween Costume Ideas. 200 words or less. Sexy ideas will be given preference. Costumee reserves right to refuse all entries. I prefer black. Subject to Sex's approval. Credit rating of 750 required. Credit may be given, or may not, at Costumee's discretion. No couple ideas, please, as the husband will be Bono. 0% introductory rate. Taxes not included. Continental USA only, except for TX, KS, CO, MS, MA, IA, OH. NI and Germany included in some circumstances.

In honor of Halloween I might try to secure his permission to print pix of him as Legolas or Jack Sparrow. Clue: the key to a good Jack Sparrow costume is the rum. The key to a good Legolas costume is the complicated hairdo. He was only that for one year. Guess who did his hair?)

Also, speaking of rum, we're going on a rum factory tour in Jamaica. Yes, one of our fellow travelers has a friend in the rum business...

I know. It's good to be the king.

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