the vps suck, joe a little less than sarah

1. I can't identify with mothers who put their babies down.

I'm guessing Joe wishes he'd held his daughter more.

My little CNN trigger went up when she was holding her baby, yet somehow plummeted when her pregnant 17-year-old held him. I mean, at least give him to "The Todd."

2. Wear a pants suit.

I mean, come on. I don't want to see Joe Biden's calves either. shudder.

3. No matter how many times you say Ahmadinejad correctly (5) or profess your Great Love And Abiding Respect For Israel, we still don't buy that you have a friggin clue on foreign affairs. In fact, I'd say you don't know more than us (me), which isn't saying a whole hell of a lot.

"Don't forgetcha get yer passport out of there safety deposit box there. Might be needin' it in Washington there."

4. Wannabe leadership of the United States, repeat after me:

Iraq.... EEErOk

There actually isn't an "American" pronunciation. You say it the way THEY do, cuz, you know, it's THEIR countries.

5. God's love is not "tolerance."

Quick: name three gay friends, Sarah.

Your turn, Joe!

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