As Timothy pointed out in comments, I won a prize. Ok, everyone who entered won a prize. But seriously, I never win anything. A whole book. How cool. Here's my entry, which I'd forgotten I'd even written. Go read all the entries, they're fab.

I once drank a beer in a dirt pit which had previously been Cary Grant’s swimming pool. I wore this flirty white bikini with a ruffle on top, designed to make me look like I had any kind of chest. The restaurant owner’s nephew appreciated it. “More than a mouthful’s a waste,” he said all summer. I was paid well to tolerate his loud indiscretion. He was even kind of hot, until the fucker died.

Somebody laughed overhead when he said it this time. A couple of Glock-armed
– they must have stole them from somebody with connections – hovered over the pit’s edge. They didn’t look the type to savor the moment with shit-talk. I lifted the silver can up to my lips and gulped. I had nowhere to hide a knife or a Walther PPK in my bikini, and I knew by then I was going out with full belly of beer or not at all.

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