advice well taken

Thx for all the encouragement and advice. Some stroking, finishing with a kick in the arse. Well done. I feel much better. Anybody who thinks internet relationships are "weird" don't know you folks. (They don't know the half of it--heh.)

I didn't go to the Con last night. I know I missed valuable schmoozing and some interview-drumming-up opportunities, but I needed a friggin' night off. I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9--slept all the way through till about 5:30. That's a lot of sleep for me. I'll head down there later in the a.m. to make a friend's reading. I'm going to try to take my camera and get some pics of some of my friends. I really missed doing that at the RMFW Con. Besides, I have to get Mario back for posting a drunk pic of me on his blog.

Writers are by nature a reclusive folk. Most people who meet me are shocked that I write, alone, all day. I come off as extremely socialiable. I am socialiable--in social situations. I also am reclusive. I start to lose it when I don't have down-time. Not that working is down-time, but being around people spends energy, while working alone seems to restore it. In other words, tired from working is a good, satisfied sort of tired. Tired from meetings and socializing is just bone-weary exhaustion.

I have four more social engagements to make it through this weekend, and then I can rest for two days before Halloween. Rest. Heh. I have to fix a costume, make four dozen cookies, some cupcakes for the neighborhood kids, and spend most of Wednesday at school. It's fun, but where does writing fall into this? Much less working out. That's half my problem--I can't get to the gym.

Oh sheesh, whining again... STOP IT!

In other news, I checked out my stats on the blog. I get nearly 5000 hits a month--more than I expected. Interesting. If I ever sell a book (yes, yes, when, I know) I might actually have to start writing something meaningful.

For instance, I did notice that the current casualty rate in Iraq stands at 4141, as of yesterday. Name-not-released-yet died from hostile fire in Salah ad Din Province. His brother-in-arms who shares his death-date, also NNRY, died in Baghdad from an IED. Somewhere out there, someone is celebrating. Somewhere out there, someone else is devastated. I'm pretty sure neither death made the news.

And here I am whining about too many social engagements.

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