why i hate salespeople

So I have this guy calling me. He once stopped by the house to sell his investment services. I acted like the husband might be vaguely intersted. He's called me every couple of months since. Last night he called me at 5:30. I have a dial 1 if you're not a salesguy on my phone, I was up to my elbows in two kinds of pizza and a chocolate-chocolate cake with chocolate shavings, and I wasn't too nice.

Tonight I find out the husband said not to call us again.

GODDAMN if I had his name, I'd post his info all over the internet as someone to NOT do business with. I was nice tonight. Ok, I wasn't nice to him. I'm NEVER nice to him. But he still keeps calling. But now I know. Now I can say, "What's your name? (you little shithead piece of crap salesguy) I'm writing it down. DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN!! I AM ON THE NO CALL LIST!!

There is nothing, I tell you, nothing, I hate so much as a salesguy.

On a happy note, the Rapids just beat the East division lead tonight, and last week they beat the West division league leader. Yea! Go Rapids and Fernando!! And this nice guy signed my daughter's arm after she climbed over several older children. She's never going to bathe again.

Oh, and she burped out her nose. How cool is that? Well, damn, she thought so.

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