and gosh darn it, people like me!

I saw four, count 'em, FOUR black people in two days. Lest that sound crass (What? Me? Never!) I'll remind you that I live in what must be one of the whitest counties in the country, Boulder County, CO, USA, Planet Earth. So sad. So boring. So pale.

I'm finished reverse-plotting, a term I heard over at Anti-Wife's spot. I really like that because that's a pivitol part of my process. Synopsis, draft, then I do a reverse-plot and character detail based on what I learned from the draft. The reverse-plot tells me what to cut and the character detail tells me what to add.
Sentinel is taking on a cool shape because of all this work, and because of some great suggestions at last night's crit group. I'm almost ready to start revising again, which will involve some drafting. Yea! Real writing! I also will be freed up to finish the film-short story. Really want to get back to that.

I'm reading Elizabeth George's WRITE AWAY. It's so good. I love her stuff. With one of my book gift certs I'm buying some more Inspector Linley. I plan on doing a book review when I'm done to get it clear in my head.

My cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate shavings on top with mint chocolate chip ice cream. My favorite gift so far: from Conduit because it was such a surprise! My favorite birthday card so far: it's scribbled all over and it says "A birthday reminder: Don't drink and draw." from my Auntie. I used to be an artist. Ok, I am an artist. It's sort of like Herpes; it never completely goes away. I actually used to make honest-to-God money at the thing. So that was the reference. I drew a monster/creature on one of my critter's subs last night as I listened to the crits. How long has it been since I've drawn? I need to get back to it.

OK, in honor of my birthday, I've a question. And you have to answer because it's my birthday and I get my way all day, so there. So you lurkers better tell me!!

What is one thing you want/need/should do in the next year to better yourself as a human being?

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