can you find the dichotomy in the word block?

I just joined Critters, and get this, my name there is S*ounder. Pretty funny.
All right, authors have been notified and a new issue is entering the birth canal. It was a tough field this time, but we're starting to get a real idea of what makes us tick as editors. For one of us, it's originality, hands down. For me, it's pure story. Am I intrigued by the characters and does cool shit happen? I'll discover theme and meaning later. That's generally where I'm seek originality. We did, as usual, have three or four stories that we decided upon quickly. The rest were a bit of a struggle. The beer helped.

I happen to have a list a mile long of action-items, as well. Such is the life of even a small-time editor. I must say, though, we're getting excellent reception around the internet, which is exciting. We three editors all think so much alike. When it comes to writing, we're in each others' back pockets, so to speak. Sometimes we wonder if we're actually right, or just deluding ourselves that we are.
I wrote eight pages yesterday on the screenplay. I think I mentioned I'm drafting in short story form first. Next I'm going to do character profiles and then I'm going to start visualizing scenes. Then I'm going to let the producer take a look at it--hopefully in a day or so. I'd like to finish drafting today. It's loooong--about 8k words so far. I think it'll sit around 10 when I finish up. So, I have a decision to make: I either need to go longer with it, really flesh out the world, and maybe make it a real novella (my first), or I will put the thing on a serious diet, remove a character or two, and sell it as a short story. Not sure for now.
Yesterday my daughter made ears and taped them a headband and taped a tail to her behind and went to the gym as a puppy.

She also handwrote a note that will end up in a school in Nepal.
If you aren't watching God's Warriors, then you have no idea what's going on in the world today. Seriously, try to catch it on CNN. You know how I loathe them, but it's Christiane Amanpour and she's pretty damned brilliant.
Do you have any mental blocks? I have two. One has to do with math. For instance, the husband I were charged twice for alcohol for my birthday party. I had to go void one reciept (except for the case of wine we drank, which wasn't on the other reciept), get my deposit back for keg taps off the other reciept, etc (except for the keg we're still drinking on) and make sure they didn't return that bit for ice (which obviously, we used). To top it all off, he led me around the store finding cash to give me back because I only had one card. So confusing I can't even explain it properly. I literally just had to stand there and nod and agree, "Yes, it seems you've given me the correct amount back." No way for me to know. I'm not quite so bad with sharing dinner checks, but really, I'd just prefer to be told. Isn't that sad? I do face that block though, regularly. I'm an excellent math teacher, especially for those who struggle, because I know some tricks to help. The husband hates it. He seems to think that this lifetime block is something I should just work through, as if I have a choice in the matter. Sheesh. As if any one would CHOOSE to be a moron in math. Uh huh, and homosexual people choose to be gay, too.

My other mental blocks is words. Yeah, you heard me, right. Hello, my name is Sex and I am a writer who constantly cannot think of a particular word. It's worse when I try to talk. So, I tend to thesaurus often--not to find a fancier word, but to seek that particular word which is perfect and just WON'T COME TO MIND--it's so goddamned frustrating!!!!!!!!! I'm terrible with names, too.

Do you have any mental blocks? How do you work around them?

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