I finished my rough draft of the story that will become a screen play, and hopefully produced at some point. The operative word is ROUGH, because I've so much to add and switch around. I neglected a whole character that we'd decided needed to die--he needs to be introduced much earlier to make an impact, and there are several other additions and subtractions to make, of course. But I'm past that all-important drafting stage. I hadn't drafted in so long I was worried I forgot how, so I made a goal for myself to finish one draft by the end of business today. I made that goal, thank God.

Last night my kid was procrastinating and fussing over coming up with a list of writing ideas for school. This morning, once I was out of the heat-of-the-moment, I told him: "This is what I do, every day. I come up with ideas to write about. I've learned that most important part of the process is to just show up. "

He particularly enjoyed the term "bum glue." My kid has the best laugh in the world.

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