i'm going to the lake tomorrow and you're not

I got to email two authors last night (one is our very own Conduit) and tell them that Espec was buying their stories. Yippee. So fun. I love to do that.

I also submitted two stories after a bit of a haitus from that and did all my critiques for group. Man, one of them was a synopsis. I recently wrote that synopsis for the screenplay--the first one I ever wrote beforehand. Man is THAT easier than doing it after the story is written.

We spent a lot of time mulling over technique tonight and the biggest thing I came away with (I knew it before but had it confirmed again) is that nothing reveals plot holes or weakness like a synopsis. I'm gonna write one for Sentinel (multiple POVs, yea) and for Exiled. I think the Exiled one could really give me some focus. It will for sure test whether I keep the twins active enough in Sentinel.

I am also making it a rule to write a brief one for every short story from now on. If I don't know the endings to the damn things I never finish 'em.

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