Ok, I got tagged. 8 things, and it's not even the 8th.


1. I look 10 years younger than I am--15 years on a good day, and 20 with beer goggles.
2. I am absolutely, madly, and passionately in love with my husband, even though I flirt shamelessly with anyone of the male persuasion and I suffer from heart-wrenching crushes on other men.
3. My dog bites sometimes. She gets it from me.
4. I used to work as an interior designer, and yes, I'm critical of most houses I go in. You all hang your pictures too damn high!!
5. Email over phone calls, any day.
6. I tend to get my way. I don't know if it's the sex hair or the winning smile or that I'm actually capable of making valid choices. I just do.
7. I've become virtually indestructable emotionally about my writing. Not that I don't have glitches, but I bounce back quickly.
8. My friend and I had a good long laugh about the Pulitzer Prize-winning "The Road" last night.

Now I have to tag 8--
Conduit, Barth, Bernita, Inland... and oh, hell. I dunno. Go do it if you want to and say it came from me. (I'll probably suffer a grave loss for not completing this chain.)

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