the sun broke through and the fog is gone

For the first time I picked up Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. What an entertaining book! Of course, I'm a grammar geek--I actually liked diagramming sentences in school. But I've always been a S&W girl myself. Generally, it answers my questions, if in the manner of a college dean who's got better things to do than talk to a lowly undergrad.

I'm sore afraid the snowboarding season has ended. The snow is a slushy mess up there (though I heard some Texans at the bar bragging on the conditions. I think they meant the 50 degree weather). We're supposed to get more snow this week, so if conditions are favorable, I might head up Saturday. I went twice this weekend, so I can't complain. I just love snowboarding soooo much. Sigh.

The crit group, as usual, gave me way too many things to contemplate. I've got too many books going! Argh! However, I think I can solve a major issue with Sentinel's start with a three chapter rewrite. I'm going to bang out some plot notes this arvo and see. I want the book to be shorter, and I want the damn protags to take control of the story earlier. My friend Dave gave me a great idea on how to do this. He's a plotting wizard, I think. While other people say, "Well, in this scene, just tweak this to reflect that," he rethinks the whole damn thing.

The husband has taken a contract which will have him out of the house during regular work hours--just like a normal husband with a day job. Interesting to be hanging with the kids all day, just me and them.

Oh, and Rome went and ended for good, killing off a main character in the process. Those fuckers.

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