this is why you read me, right?

There's freedom in not being famous, because I can write about shit like what I'm thinking now without major repercussions. (Clearly I'll have to delete a full 2/3rd of this blog if I ever AM famous, which at this rate is doubtful, so I'm not too worried.)

So, I'm thinking that if people have decent sex lives in their marriages, then they won't stray. It stands to reason, right? Yeah, including make-up sex. That shit makes up for A LOT. (Not that I'd know--the husband and I aren't huge fighters. We're kind of even-steven, steady-at-the-helm most of the time, until the lights go off.)

Sure, you might not "cuddle" or be "intimate" but if the sex is bang-up awesome (pun intended), then really, wouldn't it make you think twice about trying an alternate? I'd be thinking, Well, damn, you better be way good, cuz otherwise it just ain't worth it. You need some kind of memory to warm your bones during the divorce trial, right? It would suck if you had only this really bad memory of too-wet kisses or getting poked in the wrong... aight, well, I'll stop now.

Besides, you can always find intimacy on the internet.

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