here's what I see when I look at you

Mario over at Biting Edge reports that he's cleaning his workspace in a narrow sliver of time between delivering his third book and starting his fourth, and he wonders what our workspaces look like. I could describe my desk, but I thought a pic was easier since I can't take much time off from drafting today. That's the latest short story on the screen, almost finished. I swear on The Elements of Style and Card's How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy that I did not pretty up the set, nor increase the mess. I just pushed back my chair and took it from the vicinitiy of my bookshelves.
For once, I don't have a scattering of popcorn; the dog must have come by and cleaned it up lately. The pic also doesn't show the stack of paper on the printer, my daughter's art mess, or my dishelvement of notecards behind the keyboard, but it's home.
BTW, Mario's got a new book out--go check out his blog for details.

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