dropkick who?

Dropkick Murphys. They're an Irish punk band out of Boston. I saw them last night. Great fun, great band, sparkling conversation, and two gay bars (both ends of the spectrum.) Two short stories:

This guy and I were lamenting how long the line was and how it wasn't moving and two HUGE guys got in line behind us. I looked up at them (got a crick in my neck) and they looked down at me and grinned.

"You're... really big," I said. I mean really big, like 6'7" or something.
They nodded.
The guy next to me asked them if they played hockey. They grinned again, sort of slyly, and shook their heads. They weren't talking to us. Now I wonder if the shorter guy next to me knew something I didn't--maybe they were Avs players or something. They did look kind of beat up in the face.

Anyway the shorter guy and I giggled our whole way in line--he was so funny, and he bought me a beer. How cool was that?

Later, I got the worst pick-up ever: "Watch those steps." (As I'm going down two stairs just fine.)
I look back and then point at the big steps leading down to the floor. "I got 'em. You watch THOSE steps."
Sly smile. "You're so beautiful, I just don't want anything to happen to you."

Ugh. See, my friends are so much smoother than that. Made me glad I was there with a guy. Speaking of, the odds for women at these smaller concerts are pretty good for hooking up--I'd guess the crowd was 70% men. Lots of hotties, and lots of bare chests down on the floor.

Sigh. I just love men. The backs of their necks, their shoulders, their flat stomachs over low rise jeans. Sigh.

But anyway, thx to BB for a fun night, and thx to the spouses for being cool about our night out.

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