notable events

I have a bag of M&Ms and I didn't finish all of them in one sitting. Or even two. Or even five. Sniff, sniff. It's so exciting to see them grow up.

(I mean me, arsehole. I'm the one growing up.)

I was out with friends on, well, who the hell recalls which night, but I was out and I bounced between the guy convo: Cars, and the girl convo: Sex. Yeah, actually bounced. Couldn't decide. Both were about rock crawling, both figuratively and literally.

We were called old by some random kid at a bar and guess what, we're actually old enough to laugh about it.

Only one teensy revision by the editor on the story. Spinetingler. September. See you there.

Convo between Greg and PHF and me:

Me: you been working out?
Greg: yeah, six pack and everything
Husband (sticks head in study): "going to get my new desk now"
Me: we're getting a new desk and we need help getting it into the house. You;'ve been working out...
Greg: shirt or no shirt?
Me: duh.

PHF's fortune cookie: You're ambitious and it pays off. (in bed)

I'm sore. Yeah, where you think.

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