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So I'm at the Rapids match and finally, about half way through the second half, I get to sit the fuck down and watch the game. Great goal by Peterson at the end. 3-3

That Denton. He's such a cutie. Not really on his game tonight, but still...

Anyway, so halfway through the next game, some Mexican Club match that brought the immigrants out in force (awesome to watch soccer with fans that actually give a shit), the kids want nachos. Well, why the fuck not? I'm already 45 bucks in the hole for dinner and I've seen exactly four plays of two games.

Get this, some guy ahead of me in line tells me I've got beautiful eyes and then buys me the nachos. I'm not accustomed to being hit on with my kids in tow, but hell, I'll whore myself out for nachos. Before you get all hoity-toity on my ass, you might be interested to know they were $4.25.

Consolation prize, the guy wasn't a troll.

Saturday night I'm four-wheeling with five "families," which has turned into five guys, five kids, and me. Yeah, the token wife. No ammenities. Just me, five guys, five kids, and a whole lotta trees to piss behind. Yeah. Can't wait. For the record, this is the last time in my life I'm going camping without a potty. I'm getting too old for this shit.

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