no guts no glory

There are now incriminating photos of Dumbgasm on his blog. Him playing video games. Him sitting next to a "friend" and looking for all the world like a fucking chick. (I think that was PHF's quote: "He looks for all the world like a fucking chick." Can't be sure; I was drunk at the time.) Duran Duran does not begin to describe his hair.

Oh, and I saw the "garage."

For those who doubt, these pictures would be the proof that he exists.

For those who believe... trust me, it's way worse than you imagine.

But I don't think I'll be posting them any time soon, if ever. Two issues:

Can't get the fucking pic program to work. It sucks, I suck, Blogger sucks... etc. Everyone else does it with ease, but not me. I'm no loser with computers. I have the capability to muck and fuck until I make the goddamn thing do what I tell it. But the prior pics on here were accidents. Fucking accidents. And it's an accident I cannot recreate.

Or, will not recreate.

Because I've already quoted this poor guy extensively, sometimes out of context - though Fire Faerie saw him and his blog this weekend and told me that I wasn't that far out of context. But because of him and my uncontrollable mocking of him, somewhere down deep there's an acidic mint on a pillow with my name on it. It's a place where country music is piped in 24/7 and I'll wait in a year-long queue for the door in those shoes that I wore last night.

But there's no reason to drag this poor guy along with me. He's one of the ones who doesn't know. (I know you don't get that. You will; read on this week.) Poor guy. He's got enough problems; he sure doesn't need me spreading his pic around the net, as well as his words.

Besides, you never know... he might find me. And there is no guilt like the guilt of someone caught-in-the-act.


Greg said...

Sex I'm about to shed a tear for this guy. I think you made a good case for yourself, not posting his picture and all. It sounds like he's had it bad. From the looks of it, he's carved a nice little version of the world in which he lives quite comfortably in. Not to mention his super bitchin garage. My condolences go out to him and his family...

T Kwong said...

Sex, I think you've ragged on this guy enough. I mean you bitching about his pointless bitching is about as ridiculous.


That Girl said...

I agree, although it's interesting. I found a blog with a post titled "I'm writing this because no one's reading" and this poor geeky kid just spilled his guts about how he feels and how sad he is. No one's ever commented and he doesn't allow anonymous. I felt like I was invading his privacy. Then again, it is a blog so...but I agree, no pics.

And, yes, I hate Hello! too for posting pics (and only .jpgs). I wanted to shoot myself trying to post a pic.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

jeez guys, I didn't think you all were so nice and sweet and sympathetic. I guess I could trust you with a link after all...


He actually never bitches - he's quite positive, Tommamomma, and I don't bitch about him. I mock him. Two different animals entirely.

The pictures are so stereotypical geek that it's taking a great deal of willpower not to wrestle them into Hello. His friend looks exactly like the Simpsons comic book guy.