drunk post

Going full out, no editing. Still haven't taken off incredibly sexy yet painful high heels. PHF taking babysitter home. 40th birthday party for a couple across the street. Strippers. Wow, I type pretty good drunk.

Guy stripper upstairs:
Why is there always a grannie present??
When asked why not as exciting as chick stripper (read: no babyoil like downstairs with "Skye"):

"Girls like fantasy."


Fuckin' incredible abs though.

Girl stripper:

my height and body but with boobs. big debate over whether they were technologically advanced or not.

big hit of the evening: taking shots from glass between her thighs (usually done in twos - 5 bux a pop) and then licking whipped cream chaser off nipples. Couldn't find five bucks to get PHF to do it. Jebus that would have turned me on.

Kinda a turnoff how she wiped down with antibacterial wipes between each round though. Nipple piercings were also a turn-off.

But she stayed pretty late.

One guy (whose wife wasn't there) was inordantly interested in blogs and the whole philosphical ramifications of blogging. Took the whole fun out of it but PHF says he was just interested in me. Jackie and Greggie, you came up :)

God did I just use a smilie?? Fuck me. I'm drunk.


Jack said...

Aw. You thought of me at a strip bar.

Monkey said...

"Kinda a turnoff how she wiped down with antibacterial wipes between each round though."That ain't right - I agree - a big turn-off.

Great drunken post!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Jack - Actually, the strippers were across the street at my neighbors.
Monkey - yeah, like the absolut shots wouldn't kill the germs.

That Girl said...

Sex, you are a much better drunk blogger than I am! I couldn't even read mine, but then I didn't have strippers to keep me awake.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Jack - I forgot to add that yes, of course I thought of you!! Naked guys and girls always make me think... "Hmm, I wonder what Jack would make of all this."

TG - I'm not so ashamed to say that I've had a lot of practice.

Greg said...

Its okay, i forgive you for the smiley. Just don't do it again.

As for the antibacterial wipes, definately a visual turnoff, although i do like a stripper who knows how to be sanitary.

And thanks for the advertisement, although i'm soooo sure he was interested in the philosophical ramifications of blogging. PHF was right.