happy saturday

Last night was fun. The guys got off imitating "goat-boy" from SNL all night long and I love those jokes that keep reappearing. La-a-a-a-a-ghed until I cried.

This morning I stayed in bed until ten. I think it was a solid eleven hours. My entire arm is numb and my shoulder is killing me, but the kids were awesome and hung out without fighting and PHF cuddled me and everything. (All right, get your minds out of the gutter!)


Tonight we have a party across the street. Super-happy-fun-time-awesome, to be sure. Nice to know I'll just have to stumble across the street to get home. I don't know these folks all these well. Wonder if they'll get mad when I flirt with the cute husbands?

Hope y'all are having as a good a day.

Heh. This is such a fucking lame post. Hopefully it will be good fodder for someone ELSE'S bloghop.

Oh, speaking of, my morning wasn't as cool as Dumbgasm's:

"Cartoon breakfast was pretty good too, I got to make it for the last 1/2 hour of it. Kind of fun, but seemingly low attendance. I wish I could have gone to the whole thing."


Greg said...

Ahaha goat boy. Imitating goat boy could either be really really funny, or really really awkward for the spectators.

Happy saturday night sex, the suns out, soon the moon with be out (well technically its always out, we just don't take notice of it as much in the day time) and Greggy is going on the prowl.

That Girl said...

Ya'll have fun! Myself, I'm in for the night (such are my Saturdays) and obviously reading your blogs...wishing I could get a hold of Dumbgasm's blog! I may just hit the Next Blog button for the next 12 hours in hopes of stumbling across it...LOSER (ME...well Dumbgasm too.).

me said...

I LOVE Saturday Night Live, cracks my shit up.

Who cares if you flirt with the cute husbands, you do whatever the hell you want! =)

Not a lame post, I like posts like this one, most of mine are that way, or maybe that makes me lame, lmao. I don't like posts that are too well thought out, it doesn't seem like real thoughts sometimes, this one does.

Have fun!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

greg -somehow I could see you doing goat boy.
tg - yes, most Sat nites in. me too. i've just been lucky lately.
stacey- the (semi) cute husbands were appreciative, the super cute husband (mine) could have give a shit.