don't even bother reading this, it's only inconsequential bitching anyway

Feel like shit today. Sore, scratchy throat. Can't get warm. We all have the same thing. I was going to go work out, but PHF said, "Honey, you look like crap." Nothing like honesty to kill any remaining love in a marriage. Maybe I'll move to Australia. ;P

Or, Chicago. Or, LA. (Hiya, Jack and Greg. I know, I've been neglecting you.)

Sorry, Krypto, even the prospect of coaxing you out of your reinstated virginity can't take me to that icy wasteland you call home.

He's right, though. I do look like crap, all pale and shit.

And I got to go to the girl dr. today for a check up. Yea. No big deal, right? Let's see how you like getting a couple of serving spoons stuck in your business while chatting about the new gym and the price of gas.

So I made up for it by spending the rest of the day writing. I wrote some semi-decent sex, I think. That Aidan really gets it going on. Made me horny, anyway.

If you're super-sweet, I'll consider posting it.

Ok, that's a lie. But the rest was Truth.

(Editor's note: The author has failed to clarify the 60/40 Truth rule. The rule is as follows: This blog, Sex Scenes at Starbucks, will subscribe to a MINIMUM 60% truth rule. As of this writing the author hovers around a 90% Truth/10% bullshit average. But, everything she says about Cryptic is Truth.)


Greg said...

It's okay *sniffle*. First it was being left in a dumpster at birth, now its sex neglecting my existance. My emotional armor is impervious by now, don't worry about it... Really....

You have a crush on Crypto now. It's fine. He's a good looking lad i'm happy for you. It's cool.

Now excuse me... I'm off to write.

Oh yeah, but I'm always down to read about Aidan working the middle. Post, post!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Cryptic looks like Aidan, so that was great fun to write; in my crush-state, as it were.

But, you know you're my favorite barely-legal blogger around, Greg! Hey, you get looks in LA - not everyone can say that. Sets my wheels in motion...

Krypto said...

Wasteland, yes. Icy, no. At least not yet this winter. (Normally I'd be buried under three feet of snow right now and preparing to enjoy a nice midweek day off, or perhaps two hours of extra sleep.)

Regardless, go ahead-- fantasifuck the dude with the name so similar to mine (yet meaning "mysterious," as opposed to "alien dog").

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with my hand.

Sam said...

Okay, don't laugh but I called everyone of my friends to see who commented on my never commented on blog. I'm a big idiot. Thanks for commenting..I'll read your blog if you read mine (this includes the genital showing as well)

Monkey said...

I'm sorry you're feeling like shit today and I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling just fine and happy!

Sam said...

Sorry to comment again, it's really awesome/weird/I feel your pain for being from that city near Lawrence and having worked at WSU...Small freakin' world! Did you like WSU? Would any professors still remember you?

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Drinking lots of Vodka, honey, and green Tea, not all mixed together, has always helped me feel better.

Hope you get well soon.


T Kwong said...

Yeah, that is too much truth. that's probably hat's making you ill.

Feel better, don't die.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Thanks for all the well wishes - and Thomas, I'll try not to die on ya.

sex scenes at starbucks said...


Welcome aboard.

I'm not sure what you mean by the whole "genital" thing, but once you read me for awhile you'll learn that I don't really approve of pix on blogs. (Except, that is, for Cryptic, because he's so cute and has that sexy accent; and Krypto, which was just a deliriously happy accident.)

No, I'm sure no one from WSU would remember me. My days there are hazy, depressing, and best forgotten. I'll say it once more with feeling, Wichita sucks! But you know, good luck with school there and everything.

daniel said...

I didn't read it, as you said not too, but as I was not reading it I couldn't help but notice the comment, that I didn't read, near the bottom.
All I can say is.. um.. thanks I guess. You have strange taste tho.
Gone and sparked my curiosity now.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hate to tell you darling, but I think you've got yourself mixed with Krypto.

There's you Cryptic, or Cryp, and there's Krypto, the flying dog.

You know I love your blog too.