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I know, this blog has become more of a "Where's Waldo?" than comments and thoughts. I still have comments and thoughts but not the writing energy to put them down here because I'm wrapped up in fiction words. Not that I'm not interested, but it's an energy drain and I'm realizing the next few years with kids doing middle schooly and high schooly and collegey (gulp) things, my energy is a limited thing.

That said, there is a soon chance to see me in the wild! 
Denver Comic Con

I got a slew of things to yap about: 

12:55 Room 205   Tales from the Slush Pile
3:15   Room 205   Strong Women in Film and Fiction
6:00   Room 203   Characters who Don't Suck

12:55 Room 505   Harassment Happens (at cons)
2:30   Room 203   That's a Laugh - Writing Humor 
3:15   Room 402   Star Wars: How will Disney alter the Universe
4:25   Room 205   Writing Sequels and the Series

12:10 Room 203  Developing Systems of Magic
4:25   Room 402 Wish You Were There: Worldbuilding

It's worth noting the con is of epic proportions for Denver, reaching 60K+ folks. THERE ARE LINES FOR EVERY PANEL and the con is stringent about only allowing as many butts are there are chairs. Plan accordingly. 

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