neverland's library

NEVERLAND'S LIBRARY is a fantasy anthology that had a tough childhood but finally was set loose in the wilds of Amazon yesterday.

Here's the cover. Isn't it beautiful?

And seriously, some of the recent greats in fantasy are in it: Mark Lawrence, Jeff Salyards, Marie Brennan, Miles Cameron, Joseph R. Lallo, Mercedes Yardley, William Meikle, JM Martin, Teresa Frohock, Kenny Soward, and others, plus an introduction by Tad Williams! See here for the entire table of contents and a note from the editor, Roger Bellini.

I'm particularly excited because my story features the primary characters from a new series I'll work on later in the year: THE KINGLESS AGE.

Print is coming soon.


Krista said...

o0o0o I was about to buy this for the kindle but i still like physical books. Now I'm not sure whether to wait for the paperback or not!!

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

It is coming out in paperback just not sure when...