I'm writing loads, and when I'm not writing I'm hanging out with kidlets and hubcap, like at a Rockies game. And I'm having some Thoughts sometimes. I jot them on the iPad in the night and email them to myself.

Like this:

Did you write your 500k words of suck, put it down, and write some more on something different? I did. I think new writers spend way too much time revising, not realizing how difficult it is to revise utter shit and how little you learn from it. Newer writers also spend too much time thinking of publishing. I spent about 10 percent of my time thinking about publishing for my first few years of writing.

and odd little notes about my stories that no one but me understands:

Santa Muerte - find a sigil
Don't forget the plants.

I'm also finding I've less patience for discussing the business of writing lately. Maybe because I'm so wrapped up in writing now. That is my job, actually, the biggest part of it. To that end I've bought two new books: Writing Fantasy Heroes and James Scott Bell's Plot & Structure.

And I'm taking weekends off social networking lately and doing lots of fun social stuff. This weekend, though, I want to see MOVIES. Which I never do, but there are good ones out right now. Yay!

What are y'all up to?


Peter Dudley said...

NEVER forget the plants.

Even if there are lots of sigils around.

ESPECIALLY if there are lots of sigils around.

PS: word verification: the iPACTs
Definition: The millennial's version of blood brothers

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Haha Pete. That would be funny in a story.