night shade/skyhorse

Yes, I'm a Night Shade author and yes I received The Letter regarding a potential purchase of NSB contracts by Skyhorse.  A little googling should more than apprise you of the situation. I wasn't going to say anything here at all but I've fielded a lot of individual questions and comments over the past few days. I realize there is a lot of concern, which I appreciate, but  I'm not willing to make a statement regarding my own situation at this time.

I will say this, though:

First of all, thanks for the phone calls, IMs, emails, texts, tweets... it means a lot to have so many friends and readers who care about me and Draken.

Secondly, please refrain from judging any authors' decisions.  It's an extremely complicated thing and we are all in different situations.

Third, please continue to buy Night Shade authors' books (including EXILE). They truly are some of the best fantasy and science fiction out there and continued strong sales help writers in a myriad of ways.

I have no plans to make any further comments except to assure you my agent and I are working on how to best bring EXILE and EMISSARY to my readers. Thanks for you continued support.

Y'all rock it to the back row.



j.a. kazimer said...

Best of luck, Betsy. I'm pulling for you.

Shona Snowden said...

I had noticed some Night Shade issues ticking over and wondered if/how they were affecting you. All the best with working out the best steps for you and your books.