kansas tour

So, yeah. Mom wants me to come visit for spring break. (I can talk about her on the internet because she isn't on here.) And so I'm considering a Kansas Tour. I think I need, like, guitar tunage and Coors Lights and my Jayhawks sweatshirt to make it through.

So yeah. I've already been asked by one B&N to come, and another mentioned something. There's also the indubitably cool Rainy Day Books, which I might not be cool enough for. I have to ask. Prob'ly I'd do KC and Topeka. Not sure about Wichita, but I've got family down there too, dang it.

So it ends up being this working trip I can write off while I'm also helping my mom finish out decorating her new townhouse and taking the grandkids back home. The kids are down with it, if you're wondering. I'd be Daughter and -in-law of the century, I'm sure.

Yay. Kansas in springtime. Yes there really are tornados there. Yes. I've been in one. Yes. It sounds like a freight train.

Still thinking... it'd be cool if it got the stores to buy more books in late March. :D  My publisher would be all, OMG they LOVE you in the Heartland.


Thing is, I know the family will all troop along with me and that would be fun. I mean, I'll keep telling myself that.

If I go you know it'll be the Most Epic Late Spring Snow Year ever. And it's a week of not writing, which I'm not sure I can afford.

I'll keep you informed.

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