worldcon wrap

I already miss my peeps at Chicon. So many great writers and industry folks and fans! Great turn out, great con, few glitches.

But dudes, I'm TIRED. I don't want to do a real wrap up, not much of one anyway. So I'm just going to hit a few highlights, and not even link. But there's Google, right there, if you're uber interested. And yes, it's coming to you late. I actually wrote some words today, so I was all making like I was a busy bandit.

Plus, it's either that or vacuum. So here I go, in no particular order.

I hung with online friend Christine Hardy all weekend; someone I've known for years (first as characters only, then as actual people, and now actually in person). We roomed together. A risky proposition? What of it? I live for that shit. Actually we had a great time, even to the tune of staying up talking until 5 am. So there.

I also got to see an old college roommate. (Well, it's complicated, but he and I agreed it's just best to leave it at that.) We caught up on each other's lives for a few hours and then I got to meet Merry Monteleone, who I've also known online for YEARS and she was so cool and fun. And finally my Chicago accent came back cuz she's got one big and bad-ass.

I saw my editor again, the indomitable Jeremy Laasson, and  met a whole Night Shade Crew (we threw the Night Bazaar party where people ate bugs to get books. Yes, all the books went, and many more bugs, too, cuz people are crazy gross when they drink). Dude I can't even remember all the names: Courtney Schafer, Bradley Beaulieu, Stina Leicht, and a host of others, friendly and wonderful ALL!

Plus a big Colorado contingent, folks like David Boop (She Murdered Me With Science) and  Warren Hammond (KOP) and Jason Heller (Taft 2012) (with whom I had my first drink at 7 am at the airport Thursday morning) and Carol Berg (of Fantasy in general fame, 13 books and counting) and Travis Heerman and others.

I talked 4 times and was told I did well. I hope so cuz I made a real effort. I was on panels with like Hugo People and stuff, so I was a wee freaked. Fans and readers were wonderfully attentive, asked great questions, and took lots of pictures. I wonder, really, how many pics there are of me floating around now? Lots, I bet.

Oh, and I had a fabulous dinner with my agent and several NLA clients. Best conversation at #Chicon7. Too bad they didn't record us. Man those people are so absolutely smart.

And the parties and SFWA suite and bar...don't even get me started. Lots of fun, introductions, old friends... jeez. It's almost like I'm getting to be part of a fantasy posse now. Sigh. Joy and happiness.

Next up, Colorado Gold, where many of my favorite people on the planet will be gathered in one place, just for me. Sigh. More joy and happiness. And naps. Looong Naps.

Meanwhile I'm keeping my head down and writing. :)


Paul said...

I thought I was gonna read sex stories at Starbucks but came away with something much better, better than sex? Well I've never met anyone who I talked to online.. Just always felt strange but hearing your interactions makes me wonder, how was the first time when you met someone online in person?

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Thanks Paul. I have a lot of online friends and a couple of them have become very close friends. I think the first one I met was another writer friend, and he actually came to stay at my house. But we'd known each other for years online prior.