signings and stuff

The signings were FUN. Especially cuz I got to hang out with my friends Marni and Vicki a lot, plus their cool hubbins, and all their kids and some grandkids, even.  And I sold people I don't even know. Sure hope they like 'em.

Plus I got to meet a real, live ghost-hunter. Man would I
love to hang out with her for an evening and hear all the stories.

The drive though...whew. That was some crazy stuff. Five hours each way in the mountains, weather from a winter white-out to steaming, blinding sun. I'm not a scardy-cat driver but my knee didn't like me much last night when I got home, nor today.

Saturday I'm headed to an RMFW event all day. I have appointments to talk to writers about their projects and take a look at some first pages. This works out for everyone cuz I like to pretend to know something and writers love to talk about their projects. :-)

On the project front, the sequel to EXILE is going slow, but that's okay. I know I'm not really going to dig my fingers in until mid-July anyway. They spend a lot of time on ships in the book so I'm still researching lots and lots. Fortunately my very own son is going on a five-day field trip on Tall Ships for school next year, so he'll be my live resource.

Also, I'm rethinking the sequels to ARCHIVE OF FIRE, too. Due to some changing thoughts on selling them, I've come up with some new titles. I think I really like 'em.

What's on with all-y'all?


Sara Megibow said...

Two of my good friends are ghost hunters! They have GREAT stories.

Glad it was a fun weekend,

Vicki Sue Law said...

We loved having you here and want you back often. The drive would get old all by yourself. Guess you're going to have to bring another writer over with you next time.


sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Hi Sara! I'd love to meet them someday. The whole thing fascinates me no end. Had a poltergeist when I was a kid...

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Vicki! Yeah, that would make it doubly fun! I'd love to come hang out more in Montrose. What a cool town.