the blackest of fridays

Man, I'm am FULL. Seriously too much food and drink last night. Today will be quieter, and no shopping, damn it. I don't want to get pepper sprayed over the latest Wii game. We had a crowd for Thanksgiving, including three Brits and a Dane, and it was a beautiful day, played games outside and even all the kids were out most of the day, running to the park and plain old hanging out.

Soon I'll have news here about Archive of Fire, still slated to hit cyber stores in January. I'm told the paper version will be available a couple of weeks after that. We'll see.

As you see I've done some playing with the header in order to support Occupy. I'm happy to discuss it with anyone. I've not been to an actual Occupation, a situation I'm hoping to remedy soon. We talk about it quite a bit on Facebook, but I haven't done much (of anything at all) here at Sex Scenes.  But I reckoned I'd better drop in and say Hola or you'd feel totally neglected. Ha, as if. You know I wuvs you everyone.

Got some pix up at tumbr and also go take a looksie at this story I wrote this summer. A fun read, I hope! You do have to make an account but it's free.

Update, downloads for Tasty Little Tails (link to yet another free site) topped 2200 over the weekend. Crazy stuff.

And a little treat. Saxen is a character I developed for purely play writing but she is going to appear in Archive of Earth and be a POV character in Book 3. She's a badass with a bad past. This is when Aidan finds her in Sentinel gaol. Didn't know they had their own prison, did ya? It's a rough place.

The warden came, his hand on the whip at his belt, his brow concerned. "What happened, my lord? Did she--"

"Open the damn door."

The warden shot Saxen a glare, gripping his whip. She huddled at the back of the cell, staring past Aidan with unblinking eyes, golden and glowing like a cat's, like if she ignored them all they'd just turn into a bad dream.

"What did she do?" The warden asked.

Aidan ignored him and squatted down by her. Come with me. I won't let them hurt you anymore.

She shook her head, eyes wide, arms tight around her knees.

He took her hand and pried it loose of her leg, tugged on it. Come on. He tugged a little harder and started to rise.

"My lord. I must protest!"

"Sucks getting your toy taken away, huh?"

The warden gaped at Saxen.

Aidan snapped his fingers to get his attention. Balefire sparked over his hand. "Open the fucking door."

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