I'm over at tumblr too, now. Getting links and cross feeds set up and such. I have some work to do on it. It's mostly for pictures, here is my description:

tumblr  is going to be my place to post weird pictures.

Some of the pictures will be blurry because my hand shakes. Old shoulder injury.

Plus I can’t really see 20/20, especially at night. So often my pictures look unreasonably exactly how I see the world, except everyone else goes: That’s all blurry and kind of dim. Not like the real world at all.

There isn’t likely to be much sex.

But (brightly) you can ask me questions if you want. Apparently that’s something you do on tumblr. And that will soothe my sense of inferiority. Always a good thing.

We're talking cell phone pix. Damned exciting stuff. Don't want to miss anything.

<------- I'm coveting this. 

Apparently VideoLAN is coming out with a decent media player for Droid. I'm all over it, baby. The one I have sucks.

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