persona my sherona

So much done today (but writing!)  Lots of phone calls, etc. Set up the hotel for MileHiCon. I'm thinking of other cons for the winter, too, to coincide with Archive of Fire's release in January. I've also been doing stuff like enrollment for school (blechy), re-outfitting our bathroom and buying some furniture, and a dozen other business and life items. Now I'm off to vacuum upstairs!

I know. You wish you were me. The glamorous life of a writer can by yours, too! Only 19.99 +s&h

We've (royal we, here) been talking/reading about platform/reputation, etc. As a writer. When you start putting  your stuff out there, you become a public figure of sorts. It's one of the reasons I think blogging has been so important to me; it gave me lots of time to develop a public persona, such as it is. (Snort. Well it sounds good, anyway). My friend suggested I had a "partier" persona. I was going for "rock star" so it's not too far off.

What's funny is a lot of rock stars are a lot like me. Green Day's Billie Joe has kids about my kids' ages. Bono has 4 kids and last I read, he was learning to play the freaking piano alongside one of them. It was probably so he could help her practice.

I try hard to run a creative household (if the mess is any indication, we're very creative around here)  And I got to thinking about creative stuff I do and play, etc. I haven't gotten a lot of writing for pay in this summer (what writing I have done has been for very decent pay, thank goodness) but I have put hours and thousands of words in on a play project with a friend.

It's really just for us. All play. No work.

But you know what? First of all, we like it, damn it.

But we're both mining material for our own books. And it's taught me a lot about how stories work, what gets me excited about stories and plots and characters and chemistry between characters, especially with multiple POVs, which the Sentinel Series has. I'm going to even switch a few things up for Salt Road Saga 2 using some of what I've learned.

I also just attended the production meeting for Electric Spec tonight. Had a few beers and a few laughs. Some really cool stories. And no hair pulling or slap-fights this time. Double-win!

So what's your persona? Or could you give a crap, which is, in and of itself, a sort of persona, if a cop-outish one...


Travis Erwin said...

I suppose my persona is a big hairy meat eating Texan. Problem is that connotation doesn't always coincide with the thought, this guy can write.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Sure it does, Travis!!

Mike Ruchhoeft said...

I'm a curmudgeon. Well, I will be when I'm older.

Anonymous said...

I've been told I have a British female writer persona. Sort of a cross between J.K.Rowling and Agatha Christie, I suppose.

But not lately. heh.

Lately it's been, um, what the heck would it be? I have no idea.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Aw, Mike, you're such a teddy bear. Good luck with that.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

You ARE a writer (and I know who you are). So fuck 'em walking. (in the words of the illustrious Lord Aidan Trevet)

Christine Hardy said...

How would one do that, exactly? Lol! Yes it's me. I didn't mean to post anonymously. Dumb smartphone.