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This is something I've been meaning to put up for a long time, and I'll be posting a link to the post on the sidebar so people can find the information they need. So far 3 of my 4 books are available on Kindle, see sidebar for info. Whiskey Creek apparently isn't doing business with Barnes and Noble, so Nook users are out of luck. PLUS after searching around I had trouble finding any info on how to convert files to read on Nook. I found calibre that seemed of any help at all, and it is free. I haven't used it though.  Full disclaimer: I have both readers on my iPad, I've used both extensively, and I greatly prefer Kindle to Nook. I don't hate the Nook or anything, but I just feel Kindle is more versatile in a lot of ways.

This will be some links, really, cuz I'm no techie. But what I did was read some stuff and found clear explanations how to convert files to read on Kindle. I also have done it with my friend's kindle and it worked a charm.

 Some small presses aren't getting all their works on Kindle, and it's nice to read your stuff where you want, DRM notwithstanding. (Grr DRM). For the record I lean a lot more to the "free and fair use" side of the argument. It's my opinion that several chapters, or even the whole book available on a website for free actually SELLS BOOKS. Google Cory Doctorow for reasonable,  informed opinions and to learn his experiences.

The first link is THIS, cuz I felt it was the most technical, comprehensive explanation with links to code to do it, and it has basic info on the device as well. It's long, but worth the read. I think "hack" is a bit provocative, and often unnecessary.

Amazon lets you email all sorts of things to your kindle email account to download to your Kindle. Clear instructions on how to do that can be found HERE, right on

I've done it and I'm clearly an idiot, so it must be uber-easy! 

I'm happy to add other links as they're suggested, but what I found further on in the Googles were basically repeats of this same information. But definitely tell me if you know better, clearer instructions.


Todd Bradley said...

Don't worry too much about the Nook. It's a dead end platform, in my opinion. Many analysts think Barnes & Noble (creators of the Nook) is next in line to fall, now that Borders has declared bankruptcy. And ever since the iPad came out, I've been predicting the ebook reader market will eventually consolidate down to just two - iPad and Kindle. The market isn't big enough for any other major contenders.

I have calibre installed (note the lower-case "c" in the name). It works and has a lot of features, but it's not simple or easy to understand and use. But it's free.

For me, emailing documents to my Kindle has been the easiest approach to getting non-Kindle format content onto it.

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Cool, thx. Capital is now corrected :)

Creepy Query Girl said...

thanks so much for this info! New follower here from KarenG's BBQ:)