The week as it's lining up so far:

Recovering from my Epic Anniversary Party. It. Was. Fun! Indulgers were in fine form as usual. And nobody said anything very odd to me, which was a nice change from the usual.

Waiting anxiously for a prezzie in the mail from a friend. I have a love/hate, obsessive compulsive relationship with surprises.

Absorbing Sum 41's latest, Screaming Bloody Murder. So far likey likey muchly!

Attending my first secret (shhh) brainstorming session with 3 other writers. Good thing. I have some of that to do.

Plugging away at ARCHIVE OF EARTH. Steady but sloooow. I'm like a fucking snail stuck in molasses with this book. It's driving me mad.

Drinking wine with other school parents  for a fundraiser. 

Attending and helping with a writer's workshop on Saturday. I'll be doing 2 page crits and offering advice, such as it is. I'll be there all day, trying really hard not to be hungover from ...

Likely failing to resist attending Under a Blood Red Sky's concert on Friday night in anticipation for...

U2 SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

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