mile hi con

This will be quick, but I have some news to share. Spent the weekend at Mile Hi Con. It's a bargain ($45 for the weekend) and it's a great con with an awesome writing track and lots of fans. Met tons of writers and fans, lots of talk of Electric Spec. It's so great to see appreciation and recognition for our project. Anything we can do to encourage the short form and support writers is cool with us!  I also hope to have exciting news in the following months concerning Electric Spec.

I got to see so many writer friends:  Mario Acevedo, Jeanne Stein, (we have an interview with Jeanne in Electric Spec this issue, see sidebar for link) Nebula and Hugo winner Paulo Bacigalupi, Carrie Vaughn, Stephen Graham Jones (we realized we're neighbors--yay, a fellow geek in suburbia hell!), Carol Berg, Laura Reeve, whose 3rd installment of her SF series PATHFINDER is out and atop my reading list, David Boop, fellow panelist and Writers of the Universe winner Matthew Rotundo, and many, many others. Thanks especially to readers who approached me about Electric Spec and my fiction. You make me so warm inside!

The theme was "Don't Panic" and a lot of us had towels. I'd make a crappy galactic hitchhiker since I forgot mine, though that's probably what I'll be for Halloween.

I also sold a story "Balesat's Ashes" this weekend.  It's a fantasy set in a world from a previously sold story and will appear in Big Pulp's premier print issue on December 15. I have a particular fondness for that market so go buy, read, and enjoy. Also a reminder, QUENCHED will be available November 1st. See sidebar for details.

Don't forget to play Lynda Hillburn's contest and try for a Kindle!

And an announcement: I'll be mostly off the grid this week for personal business and some focused writing. See y'all next week!

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Anonymous said...

If you're going to be a Galactic Hitchhiker, don't forget your Thumb!

There are lots of cheap electronics you could use for that. Anything vaguely rectangular, like say Merlin, or the tool for Splatster. If you have kids you probably have some toy like that that they've outgrown (or, more likely, broken, though you'd like to have cheezy lights and sounds still functioning).