most boring post evah

If that isn't a sales job, I don't know what is.

Hey y'all.

I know, I've been ignoring you. It's summer though, and I've been fucking around  a lot with my kids. Like last week, I went and hung around the lake with one of my bffs and her kiddos, during which I drank a crapload of beer, threw some Tarot, hung at the beach and actually slept.

Plus, I've had a shitload of reading to do for Espec (issue due out end of August, production meeting tonight).

Yeah, I know, cry me a river.

School starts in about 2 weeks, which means I'll get back to my regularly scheduled work gig.  I have a ton of projects (why do I even plan on getting anything done over the summer, I ask you?) (okay, I'm not actually asking...)  So I might be quiet around here for awhile. Or not.

I've been reading lots, too. Here's the list, all really good:

SANDMAN SLIM (easily one of the best books I've read in years - it totally spoke to MY sensibilities, one of those I wish I'd written.)

UNHOLY MAGIC, UNHOLY GHOSTS, and I'm waiting on CITY OF GHOSTS, all by Stacia Kane.  Well done, Stacia. Well done indeed.

The latest Asimovs, which isn't impressing me or holding my attention at all.

Now I'm reading ABANDON, a horror/thriller set in a ghost town in Colorado. I used to go see ghost towns all the time when I came here as a youngin' and it occurs to me my kids never have. Ghost towns. Ubercool.

I have a big list for my birfday too, so I should be good for books for quite awhile.  Speaking of, I had to make an extra shelf for my fiction by weeding out a bunch of the hubbin's books. (He's not a reader. They're all boring shit like on business and software and stuff. Yawn.)  I have six shelves of CDs that are gonna have to get suck in the closet on something cheap and speaking of the closet, DON'T open that door without signing a waiver! I can't be held responsible for what falls out.  

You think I'm kidding, but every time I open the door, something falls out.

Oh, and check over there ----------> for upcoming Sightings. I have shows to go to (Green Day, Big Gig, among impromtu smaller shows) and two cons coming up. I cut back this year since I also have a writers retreat. That's not really on the Sightings tab cuz I'm going to hide in the mountains with some of my bwffs (best writer friends forever). Plus, I'll probably be in my jammies and bear feet slippers the whole time, so it wouldn't really be appropriate, would it...

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