Sorry, I know I know I've been ignoring you. I've been in the middle of starting middle school (the honeymoon is over, and so soon!) 3rd grade (that kid's whole life is a honeymoon) and rewriting a couple of draggy chapters I gave my group. They're working better now, if only I hadn't sent it to the agent with the draggy chapters. But when he rejects me as he inevitably will, I'll send a purty snappy version to some publishers and move the fuck on.

I've also been playing with my new iPad, a burfday pressy, and it's named iGor. I like iGor very much.  Very. Much.  The husband thinks I should call it iGore, in honor of him not inventing the Internet.  Now that I see it in print, I think it's kinda funny. Last night I thought it was stupid.

I'm reading a Charlie Huston on it now, who is on my List.Cuz that's just the kind of geek I am. Other normal people have Brad Pitt and that guy who plays Wolverine (who I think is icky) on their lists. I have writers. If I had to pick just one, Charlie'd be my favorite author. Okay, can't pick just one. It'd be Charlie, and Richard Kadrey. And my friend Stuart, except he's my friend and so that's just weird.

I also had Enlightenment in the form of a story idea this morning. Now that I've achieved Nirvana, I can die. (As soon as I write the story.) And man, when I do write it, will it ever piss a bunch of people off.  Thing'll sell like hotcakes.

Considering crashing Bouchercon. Sigh. Maybe Charlie will be there.


Natasha Fondren said...

Oh! See, if I actually read the post, I won't have to ask stupid questions, LOL!

Anonymous said...

A Gorean phone app would be pretty silly.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...


most apps are silly.