One time we were car shopping with our kids and we decided the cars, and the hard sell, wasn't for us.  The guy wouldn't bring back our car (they had valet parking) until we threatened to call the police.

One time a guy held out on a price so long on a car (we were a couple hundred apart--it was a balls thing, not actual negotiation) that I stood up, grabbed my coat, and walked out, shaking mad because the guy was being such a douche. (The husband got kind of pissed over that one.)

One time I had two "underpriviledged" (read: former drug dealers) people selling magazines on my front porch for an extremely disreputable company. They Would Not Leave.  I should have called the police. I did not.

More times than I can count I've had craftsmen in to work on the house and try to dumb down the project, assuming I, as a stupid woman, have no idea about construction.  Yes, I really do want ACTUAL tongue-in-groove paneling, not that 6x8 crap.  Yes, I actually DO want that gold paint in my dining room.  BTW, I know how to lay tiles and you're doing it wrong. No, your crappy crown molding joins aren't okay. It always takes awhile for them to believe me.

I go into my favorite store to buy jeans only and the salesgirl inevitably brings me a collection of expensive ugly tops and dorky ballet slippers (I'm 5 feet tall, I don't wear flats unless they're flip-flops. And my favorite shirt is a plain tank top.)

I  had a waitress tell me not to eat something when I was pregnant because it made HER sick when she was pregnant.

Maybe some people want salespeople to tell them what they want. I DON'T. And I don't want to be their friend, either. I need t-shirt that says "don't call me, I'll call you" for when I go shopping.

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