missed opportunities

We all have them. Not regrets, maybe, but missed opportunities that eat at us.

Here are a few of mine, large and small.

1. Not seeing Elton John in concert as a kid because I got him mixed up with Neil Diamond and refused to go.

2.Failing to focus on art in college.  You wanna know why?  Cuz I  knew they drew nudes and that freaked my shit out.

3. Not starting snowboarding earlier. True, I'm good enough now after 5 years to cruise pretty much the whole mountain but moguls and do some minor tricks, but if I'd started in my 20s instead of buying stupid skis  (still rusting in the garage) I'd be phenom. 

4. Time I waste on FB. I resent the hell out of every minute of it. But it's also how I keep up with the majority of my friends, so I feel a bit stuck.

5. Not getting a dog early and often.

There's more. Of course there are!  But what's something you regret?

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