bricks against socialized medicine

People are throwing bricks through congresspeoples' windows to "get their attention," I guess.  And, you know. Threatening their children and stuff.

I wonder if these people have stopped yammering long enough to realize they're committing acts of terrorism?  I'm guessing not, since they are probably Christian, US citizens, and white.  Cuz white American Christians don't do terrorism, do we? Not the regular kind, anyway, like the people with brown skin across the world.

My bishop is a terrorist. One of her mirrors in the story (I like to create mirrors among my characters, reflecting two sides of the same trait) is Castile, who is also a convicted ecoterrorist. He destroyed the coal-fired power plant with a bomb and inadvertently killed half a dozen people, and so served 6 years at Folsom. (In the future, if you don't know, Colorado University's Folsom Field is a prison, a very overcrowded prison. And yeah, Boulder's power plant still runs on coal.)

The bishop would in no way, shape, or form compare herself to Castile, except (and he points this out with literally bloody glee) that she, too, is apparently willing to maim and kill to serve her ends.

Bald-faced fear makes many of her enemies roll over, as well as believers take the cross, because she's a terrorist who follows the teachings of arguably the most peaceful person who ever lived. I can study new models for her, which are the morons who threaten congresspeoples' children over the "abortion language" in the law.

If I didn't have such a bad cold, I could probably taste the irony.

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