race to redemption

Back in April I wrote a series of posts on my writing a new short story. It's called Race to Redemption and features a protagonist from my urban fantasy series of novels, which I'm currently seeking representation for. I really miss those characters, for one, and also, I thought it'd be good marketing if I can sell the story. It's a nice little tidbit on the end of my query.

Anyway, the story is officially finished, edited, vetted by critters, and ready to hit the markets. I don't make a habit of posting my subs and rejections here; it's not professional. But for the curious, this makes ten short stories out making current rounds. Ten's a nice round number, though I have a novella idea for a specific market, another short story idea, a novella I'm contracted to write, and Silver Scar, which I'd love to start querying early next year. Good thing school is starting soon!

A special thanks to Realm, who is my Hero for the Day for fixing my feed woes. Yay!

Despite Realm's help and finishing the story, I'm a bit weepy this afternoon. 8 1/2 weeks since I missed a step and my foot and ankle still hurt enough to hold me back from lots of fun stuff. Fuck all, I hate when I can't do what I want to do.

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