prizes in the mail

I've been remiss in addressing Stuart's debut, which happened over my vacation. GO BUY THE TWELVE! Seriously.

Best. Book. Ever. So. Far.

Not having the greatest day yesterday, dying for some conversation centered around writing and stories rather than rehashing family stuff or fussing over various other sundry items. I'm at a point where I don't discuss my stories with anyone but friends, limiting what I'll tell online (still working on Kaelin's story, btw!) . Anyway I'm all gloomy and too tired and my house is messy. I can't even feel sorry for myself properly because honestly, I had great holiday and I'm looking forward to putting the house to rights and writing, blissful writing... still, I'd just sent out a whiny email when LO AND BEHOLD came a little package from NI.

Two books! The proof for Stuart's short story collection labeled 0/50 (Dowload it for FREE) and John Connolly's THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS, signed. :-) Nothing brightens a writer's day like new books and this one so looks up my alley!

Friends are the best, aren't they?

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